Zuni Fetishes & Carvings provides newly expanded, combined edition of the two most popular books on Zuni fetishes and carvings nationwide! These tiny, exquisite "charm stones" make up some of the most popular Native American art in North America. Now available in a single volume, Zuni Fetishes & Carvings offers the best general reference on the subject ever available to collectors. This new edition is fully illustrated with the work of nearly 700 carvers and catalogs more than 900 fetishes in full color. How can fetishes help us in our daily lives? What does the bear represent? The frog? The eagle? What powers do they contain? What makes a fetish "speak" to a collector? In this deluxe edition, noted dealer in Native American art Kent McManis answers all these questions and many more. He presents the two major traditional types of fetishes: the protective/healing group and the hunting group. He describes the materials that Zuni artists carve today, such as turquoise, onyx, jet, mother-of-pearl, and Picasso marble, and shows the artist's fine techniques. He also introduces many skilled carvers - both acknowledged masters and newcomers to the craft - and includes hundreds of photos and newly updated family trees for the carvers. In the section "The Power Of the Fetish" Kent McManis explains the fetish powers traditionally ascribed to mountain lions, bears, badgers, wolves, eagles, moles, coyotes, bobcats, frogs and turtles, snakes, owls and other birds, game animals, domesticated animals, local animals, non-local animals, corn maidens and maidens, and humans and miscellaneous figures. The section "Carving Materials" covers and is illustrated with fetishes carved from alabaster, serpentine, Picasso marble, jet, black marble, pipestone, turquoise and related minerals, dolomite, fluorite, miscellaneous stones, glass, shell, antler, horn, fossilized ivory, bone, and other organic materials. Zuni Fetishes & Carvings is also a great motif and idea book for lapidaries and carvers who are interested in Zuni carving and would like to incorporate elements of their designs, techniques and materials into their own work.

Zuni Fetishes and Carvings

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