Rocks and minerals are everywhere. They form the ground we stand on and the solid floor of the oceans, reaching down into the planet for thousands of yards to the Earth's crust. This book will help you identify the most common rocks and give you an insight into the minerals they contain. What's That Rock or Mineral is arranged in four chapters. The first three deal with rocks and are divided on the basis of the sizes of mineral grains - the crystals you can see when you look closely at a specimen. Each chapter is subdivided by shade - pale, dark or mixed. This book's simple guidelines will open up the world of rocks for you and help you figure out what type of rock you are looking at - be it a rock layer in a cliff, a pebble on a beach, or perhaps the stone in a building. The final chapter contains the most important minerals. Some are the basis of common rocks, others are valuable ores, and yet more are cherished as gemstones. Rocks and minerals are diverse and can be tricky to pin down as one type or another. What's That Rock or Mineral is a great place to start.

What's that Rock of Mineral

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