Trilobites - Common Trilobites of North America provides an introduction to the trilobites - which are among the most interesting and scientifically important of all prehistoric animals, and discusses why trilobites possess an almost unrivalled ability to fascinate with their symmetrical forms, elegant simplicity, and sometimes baroque ornamentation, combined with the pleasing rhythms of their segmentation to captivate and delight the eye. Learn about the classification of trilobites in the animal kingdom, their habitats, lifestyles, how they locomoted and fed, their place in paleontological history and their extinction, and why trilobites are probably the most highly prized of invertebrate fossils and eagerly sought by fossil collectors throughout the world. Trilobites - Common Trilobites of North America serves as an identification guide to 41 different species of trilobites including the localities and the Lower Cambrian to Pennsylvanian rock units and formations in which they are found. Chapters include: TheTrilobites Lower Cambrian: Callavia br�ggeri, Olennellus clarki Middle Cambrian: Albertella helena, Alokistocare harrisi, Elrathia kingii, Ogygopsis klotzi, Olenoides serratus, Orria elegans, Paradoxides gracilis, Peronopsis interstricta, Zacanthoides typicalis Upper Cambrian: Cedaria minor, Crepicephalus iowensis, Dikelocephalus oweni Ordovician: Ampyxina scarabeus, Ceraurus pleurexanthemus, Cryptolithis tesselatus, Dionide holdeni, Triarthus eatoni Middle Ordovician: Basiliella barrandei, Isotelus gigas, Scutellum lunatum Upper Ordovician: Flexicalymene meeki Silurian: Arctinurus boltoni, Bumastus niagarensis, Calymene celebra, Dalmanites verrucosus, Deiphon forbesi Middle Silurian: Encrimurus ornatus, Trimerus delphinocephalus Devonian: Basidechenella rowi, Odontopleura callicera, Phacops rana, Trimerus dekayi Middle Devonian: Coronura aspectans, Odontocephalus aegeria, Terataspis grandis, Greenops boothi Mississippian: Breviphillipsia sampsoni, Griffithides bufo Pennsylvanian: Ameura major

Trilobites of North America

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