Soft cover, 9.00" x 8.25", 136 pages, copyright 2013 Agates - few other natural formations exhibit the tremendous variety seen in these curiously banded gemstones; no two are exactly alike when it comes to color, pattern or shape. And though they are found on every continent, many well-known and significant varieties are present in North America. This book features some of the most famous, most valuable and rarest agates from Canada, the United States and Mexico. The Wonder of North American Agates features: � More than 60 of the most beautiful varieties of agates from across North America � Intriguing, informative text that explains the fascinating differences between agates and why each is significant � Compelling, true-to-life photos that show each agate's special beauty Contents include: Introduction; Understanding Agates; A Brief Overview of North American Agate Varieties, Map of North American Agates, Agates of the Western United States: Baker Ranch thundereggs, Big Diggings agate, Black agate thundereggs, Brownsville agates, Dryhead agates, Dugway geodes, Fairburn agates, Filigree agates, Forth of July Butte agates, Grant Creek agates, Graveyard Point plume agates, Hauser Bed thunder egg agates, Holly blue agates, Little Florida Mountains thunder egg agates, Marfa agates, Montana moss agates, Nebraska blue agates, Needle Peak agates, Nipomo sagenitic agates, Oregon eye agates, Oregon thunder egg agates, Oregon plume agates, Paulina limb casts, Richardson Ranch thunder egg agates, Round Mountain agates, Sheep Bridge sagenitic agates, Tavenier thunder egg agates, Teepee Canyon agates, Texas plume agates, Torpedo Bed thunder egg agates, Trent sagenitic agates, Van Horn plume agates, Washington carnelian agates, Wingate pass agates; Agates of the Eastern United States: Copper replacement agates, Crowley Ridge agates, Crowley Ridge agatized coral, Kentucky agates, Keswick agates, Lake Superior agates, Lake Superior water-level agates, Lake Superior eye agates, Lake Superior moss agates, Lake Superior agate geodes, Sagenitic agates from Lake Superior, Tube agates from Lake Superior, Water-washed agates from Lake Superior, Minnesota sedimentary agates, Paint rock agates, Tampa Bay agatized coral, Wisconsin thunder egg agates, Union Road agates, Geodes from Union Road, White ringer agates; Agates of Canada: Michipicoten Island agates, Mont Lyall thunder egg agates, Monte Lake agates, Two Islands agates, Thunder Bay agates; Agates of Mexico: Apache agates, Coyamito agates, Crazy Lace agates, Laguna agates, Moctezuma agates, Mexican coconut agates, Red Hot thunder eggs; The Wonder of Agates: Why We Collect Agates; Glossary, Bibliography and Recommended Reading, Index From casual fans to experienced collectors, everyone will appreciate the facts and photographs presented in this incomparable book.

The Wonder of the North American Agates

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