Wireworkers of all skill levels... discover the most convenient guide to wireworking techniques! Experts Denise Peck and Jane Dickerson act as your trusty guides: � Explaining in-depth all the tools, materials, and wire-wrapping fundamentals you'll need. � Covering more advanced topics, including texture, patina, and even basic metalsmithing. � Providing instructions for creating custom findings. A welcome addition to the best-selling series, The Wireworker's Companion is a complete, compact resource for wireworking techniques. It's a tool jewelry makers and beaders will reach for again and again. Contents include: Introduction; Wire 101: Metal Types, Wire Types, Wire Shapes, Temper/Hardness, Work-Hardening and Annealing, Gauge/Size; Tool Talk: Measuring Tools, Cutters and Saws, Pliers,Mandrels & Wire-Shaping Tools, Hammering Tools & Accessories, Piercing Tools & Punches, Twisting Tools, Filing and Finishing Tools; Basic Wireworking: Loops & Links, Coils, Jump Rings, Spirals; Working with Fire: Safety First!, Using a Micro Torch, Quenching, Annealing, Balling/Drawing a Bead, Flame Patina, Fusing, Patina & Polishing Tools, Flame-Working Tools, The Beginner's Wireworking Toolbox; Essential Techniques: Measuring, Cleaning Wire, Straightening Wire, Flush Cutting, Hammering, Texturing, Stamping, Twisting Wire, Piercing, Punching, Filing, Adding Patina, Tumble Polishing; Wire Findings: Head Pins, Ear Wire, Clasps; Chain Maille: Common Chain Terms, The Beginner's Chain Maille Toolbox; Weaving; Resources; Index Whether you're new to wire or a wireworking wizard, The Wireworker's Companion is the essential reference for your wireworking adventures.

The Wireworkers Companion

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