"Rockhounding" - the popular term for the hobby of collecting rocks, and minerals. But beyond the possibility of making a new find or valuable discovery, rockhounding offers all ages the opportunity to learn about the nature and history of our physical world, and to explore it in landscapes as diverse as the rocks and minerals found there. In this greatly expanded edition of The Rockhound's Handbook, you will learn about basic geology and mineral formation, minerals you can find and how to identify them, planning a successful field trip, collecting tools and techniques, finding gold and other heavy minerals, fossil formation and collecting fossils, the legal aspects of collecting, specimen preparation and display, and the basics of lapidary and jewelry making. Numerous diagrams and photographs, a full-color insert of over 90 mineral and fossil specimens, an extensive glossary, and lists of government agencies and mineral museums, make this an indispensable how-to book for the beginner and a handy reference guide for the experienced collector. Chapters include: Rocks & Minerals Throughout History; Basic Geology; Mineral Formation; Identifying Minerals; Minerals a Rockhound Might Encounter; Planning a Field Trip; Tips for Finding Minerals in the Field; Tools for Collecting; Some Collecting Techniques; Finding Gold and Other Heavy Metals; Fossils; The Legal Aspects; Preparation, Presentation and Display; Cutting and Polishing Minerals; Jewelry From Gems and Minerals. Appendices include: Suggested Specimen Lables; Characteristics of Commonly Encountered Minerals; Government Agencies; Museums with Mining and Mineral Displays; Some Web References; and a Glossary.

The Rockhounds Handbook

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