This fully revised and updated edition of a classic reference covers techniques from annealing to stone-setting, and includes new techniques reflecting advances in jewelry-making. � Learn to craft exquisite brooches, tie pins, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and more � Use materials from classic to contemporary including gold, silver, acrylics, precious stones and metal clay � Clear photographs help you to achieve professional results � Inspirational finished pieces from expert jewelers accompany each technique Contents include: Chapter 1: Introduction: About the new edition; Basic tools and materials, All about metal, Recovering and reusing metal, Design; Chapter 2: Cutting Metal: Piercing, Filing, Drilling, Inlaying, Making blanks, Lathe work, Engraving; Chapter 3: Heating Metal: Annealing, Pickling and quenching, Soldering, Fusing; Chapter 4: Moving Metal: Bending, Hammering, Doming and swagging, Forging, Chasing and repouss�; Chapter 5: Surface Decoration: Texturing, Polishing, Reticulation, Stamping and embossing; Chapter 6: Working with Wire: Using wire, Chain making, Catches and joints, Fittings and findings, Riveting; Chapter 7: Specialist Techniques: Enameling, Etching and photoetching, Stone setting; Chapter 8: Using Other Materials: Wood, Acrylic, Metal clay; Alterations; Suppliers and services; Glossary; Index Jinks McGrath is a jeweler and teacher whose designs have been exhibited and collected for many years. She is the author of several books on jewelry-making.

The New Encyclopedia of Jewelery Making Techniques

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