The Illustrated Bead Bible is the ultimate reference on beads and beading. From Abalone to Zipper Stitch, this profusely illustrated guide covers a broad range of beading subjects and presents encyclopedic entries on historical background, technical details, and cultural customs. It includes a comprehensive A-Z listing of rose-petal, fertility, wampum, wedding, sacrifice, pumtek, Viking, and other beads. It also contains an instructional guide on buying materials and mastering techniques. There are essential tables and charts on bead shapes, needle and thread sizes, gemstones and birthstones, the Mohs scale of hardness, and more. Also found inside are drawings of twenty-one common stitches, knotting and finishing techniques, and three graphs. At the heart of the book is an illustrated encyclopedia of bead types and styles, materials, tools and lore. In beading tips and techniques, you'll find a question-and-answer format to help you learn how to buy materials and tools or deal with snags. It's easy to look up any topic you'd like to know more about, from which manufacturers make the best seed beads to which size needle goes best with which thread size. Complete with stunning work by artists from around the world, this unique reference is an invaluable source of information for beaders, collectors, jewelers, and anyone who admires fine workmanship

The Illustrated Bead Bible

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