The Complete Metalsmith is a classic how-to handbook providing an encyclopedic coverage of the tools and techniques used by jewelers and other craftspeople to smith a variety of metals including gold, platinum, silver, copper, brass, bronze, aluminum, nickel, iron, steel, pot metal, pewter, titanium, and niobium. Tim McCreight's straightforward text and clear drawings and illustrations bring even complex techniques within anyone's reach. The numerous topics presented in The Complete Metalsmith are organized into 8 major chapters: (1) Materials, (2) Surfaces, (3) Shaping, (4) Joining, (5) Casting, (6) Stones, and (7) Mechanisms. Among the hundreds of topics and how-to tips within these chapters you will learn about precious and base metals and their alloys and properties, how to create decorative surfaces with hammering, engraving, niello, mokum�, granulation, reticulation, etching, inlay and more, shaping techniques including piercing, drawing, rolling, tube making, bending, forging, repouss�, raising, seaming, die forming, electroforming and more, and how to solder and fuse silver and gold. You will be instructed on how to cast metals using wax models and investment, sand molds, cuttlefish molds and tufa molds, a variety of casting techniques including vacuum, centrifugal, steam, and sling casting, about the properties of gem stones and the methods and techniques of setting them including how to fabricate bezels, prong settings, crown settings, gypsy settings, pav� settings, channel settings and others, how to fabricate clasps, pin findings, hinges, threaded closures, jump rings, and various styles of chains including basic chains, woven chains, Etruscan chains and the Idiot's Delight. You will learn how to use the tools of the trade including measuring tools such as gauges, dividers, micrometers and scales, files and abrasive papers, mallets and hammers, flex shaft tools, anvils, vises, bench pins, clamps and helping hands, jeweler's saws, pliers, engravers, mandrels, bench blocks, torches and numerous other tools, and how to harden and temper steel. Construct your own jeweler's bench choosing from two sets of plans, a basic bench constructed from plywood, dimensional lumber and masonite, or a hardwood bench of maple or a similar hardwood appealing to those with more advanced woodworking skills. A reference section additionally provides safety precautions, alloy chart, circle divider, history of metalsmithing, photographing jewelry, conversion formulas, temperature conversions, size and weight comparisons, silver-copper phase diagram, stone and sawblade sizes, weight of sheet and wire for precious metals and alloys, geometry formulas, periodicals and organizations, suggested reading, suppliers and an index. The Complete Metalsmith delivers a great deal of information and how-to at a modest price. This book is an outstanding primer and highly recommended reference for any hobbyist or jewelry maker interested in learning about the tools and techniques employed in the fine smithing and crafting of metal.

The Complete Metalsmith

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