The Art of Gem Cutting explains how to buy rough stones, how to cut the gems, and how to choose and use lapidary and gem cutting equipment. This primer will get aspiring and student gemcutters off started off on the right path and builds an interest in the many facets of the fascinating hobby of lapidary and gem cutting. This book is organized into four major parts: Cabochon Cutting, Facet Cutting, Special Lapidary Technique, and Useful Lapidary Notes. Topics covered under Cabochon Cutting Include: Sawing, Diamond Saw Blades, Sawing Coolants, Sawing Large Specimens, Grinding Operation, Grinding Wheel Hints, Side Wheel Grinding, Grinding Wheel Bondings, Sanding Operation, Discs and Drums, Belt Sanders, Dopping the Gems, Polishing the Gem, Slow Speed Polishing, Theory of Polishing, Polishing Methods, Cabochon Bezel Angles, and The Micron Sizes. Topics covered under Facet Cutting include: Diamond Laps, Orientation, Cutting the Facets, A System for Brilliant Cut Gems, Polishing Facets, Faceting Zircon, Facet Cut Topaz, How to Cut Amethyst, Facet Cut Sphalerite, Facet Cut Titania, Titania Doublets, The Rose Cut, Quartz and Beryl Angles, Development of the Brilliant Cut, and Acid in Polishing. Topics covered under Special Lapidary Techniques include: Sphere Cutting, Polishing Spheres, Cameo Cutting, A Handy Lapidary Tool, The Tumbled Gems, The Horizontal Lap, Cutting and Polishing Transparencies, Drilling Cabochons, and Bracelet Cutting. Topics covered under Useful Lapidary Notes include: Cutting a Cabochon, Standard Cabochons, Polishing Jade, The Fibrous Gems, Cutting Asteriated Quartz Cabochons, Cutting Star Sapphire, Cutting Laboradorite, Buying the Rough, Coloring Agate, Types of Equipment, and Adapting Sanding Cloth. The Art of Gem Cutting is concise and well illustrated with numerous photographs and drawings. The gem making techniques presented are tried and proven and have withstood the test of time. This highly recommended book presents a great deal of valuable how-to information for a very modest price and belongs in the library of every lapidary hobbyist.

The Art of Gem Cutting

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