Enameling, the art of fusing glass onto metal to creat colorful and imaginative designs, is one of the oldest methods used to decorate metals. Linda Darty, a leader in the field of contemporary enameling, shares her passion for the craft with you. She shows you the range of techniques that are possible and provides projects on which to apply them in interesting ways. You will begin with instructions in the fundamentals that you'll use throught the book. Learn about each type of enamel and its characteristics; how to set up a studio; and what tools and equipment you'll need. Detailed information on preparing, applying, firing, finishing, and setting enamels will complete the basic course. Next you'll apply those fundamentals to various techniques, such as cloisonn�, champlev�, and plique-�-jour. You'll also learn more experimental skills like firing enamel onto mesh or wire forms; using liquid enamel; and creating innovative surface textures using iron filings, sand, and more. The Art of Enameling is organized into three major sections. The first section, Enameling Fundamentals, presents: Enamel & Enameling, Enameling Materials, Setting Up an Enameling Studio, Base Metals for Enameling, Cleaning & Preparing Metal, Preparing Enamel, Applying Enamel, Firing Enamel, Cleaning Metal & Enameled Surfaces Between Firings, Removing & Grinding Enamel, Making Color Tests, Working With Enamel Colors, Finishing Enamels, and Setting Enamels. The second section, Enameling Techniques, presents: Sifting Techniques, Basse Taille, Fine Silver Foil & Fine Gold Foil, Painting Techniques, Liquid Enamel Techniques, Cloisonn�, Champlev�, Plique-�-Jour and Additional Techniques. Twelve fully illustrated, step-by-step projects are presented in the third section, including: Stencil & Sgraffito Sifted Earrings, Sugar-Fired Necklace, Layered Ring, Etched & Enameld Brooch, Painted Buttons, Liquid Enamel Pendant, Fold-Formed Bowl, Cloisonn� Brooch, Champlev� Spoon, Champlev� Brooch, Plique-�-Jour Earrings, and Enamel & Encaustic Assemblage. Experiment with inventive alternatives, such as underfiring, overfiring, or simple raku firing to achieve unique effects. Each of the 12 distinctive projects was created by a skilled artesian. The dramatic "Plique-�-jour Earrings" mimic the look of colorful stained glass; the elegant set of "Painted Buttons" have a delicate leaf pattern in watercolor and enamels; and the "Champlev� Spoon" features a blue and green abstract pattern in the handle. Now that you've tried different ways of working with enamel, why not take that information and see what else you can do with it? Make your own designs and push the material way beyond its traditional boundaries while developing your own style. If you are interested in a comprehensive primer and how-to reference on the Art of Enameling, this is the book for you.

The Art of Enameling

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