Step-by-step Jewelry Workshop has everything you need to know to start making beautiful jewelry. This practical and easy-to-use book teaches you how to start making wonderful necklaces, bracelets, brooches, rings, earrings, and more, even if you have never so much as picked up a pair of pliers before. Large, clear photographs guide you every step of the way, from setting up your workspace and transferring designs to basic filing, sawing, and soldering skills. Techniques are interspersed with practical projects so that you can create beautiful jewelry items as you learn, from simple silver rings to elegant stone-set pendants. Includes tips and advice on finding inspiration and designing your own unique pieces. This primer is organized into 3 main chapters. Chapter 1: Getting Started covers Tools and materials; Making a space to work in; Inspiration and design; and Planning a design. Chapter 2: Techniques and Projects covers the techniques of Piercing; Drilling; Filing; Soldering; Finishing and polishing; Annealing; Using wire; Twisting wire; Forging; Bending; Texturing; Doming; Riveting; Making findings; Rub-over setting; and Using beads. Fully illustrated, step-by-step projects illustrating the use of these techniques include Simple pendant; Simple chain necklace; Simple silver ring; Forged ring; Fretwork brooch; Textured earrings; Textured bangle; Domed bracelet; Riveted cufflinks; Pendant with rub-over setting; Strung necklace; and Multistrand necklace. Chapter 3: Resources includes Idea file: shapes; Directory of gems; Useful information; Glossary; and Further reading. Visually oriented learners will particularly appreciate Step-by-step Jewelry Workshop's extensive step-by-step photos and illustrations.

Step by Step Jewelery Workshop

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