Published in association with America's preeminent authority, the Smithsonian Institution, DK's Smithsonian Handbook of Rocks and Minerals combines 600 vivid full-color photos and descriptions of more than 500 specimens. This authoritative, systematic, and clear photographic approach marks a new generation of identification guides. Designed for beginners and experienced collectors alike, the Smithsonian Handbook of Rocks and Minerals explains what rocks and minerals are, how they are classified, and how to start a collection. A clear visual key illustrates the differences between igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks, then guides the reader to the correct rock entry. A concise glossary provides instant understanding of technical and scientific terms. Packed with detailed information on characteristics, distinguishing features, and more, DK's Smithsonian Handbook of Rocks and Minerals is the clearest identification guide for beginners and established enthusiasts alike.

Smithsonian Handbooks Rocks and Minerals

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