Learn to love your tourch and make twenty beautiful projects! In Simple Soldering, expert instructor Kate Ferrant Richborg will show any home crafter how to create polished and professional soldered jewelry. With a few simple tooks, a guide to proper technique, and an exciting and approachable bonus DVD, you'll be creating sophisticated jewelry in no time. Kate walks you through beginner skills in bite-sized steps. First, Kate helps you build presidency by teaching essential soldering techniques in a low-risk environment making skill building "sampler squares". Once you've got the basics, dive into twenty show-stopping projects created just for you. In both the book and DVD, Kate shows you how to correct or adapt common mistakes beginners might make and gives advice on when it's best to start over, making this the essential no-stress guide. Throughout this book and accompanying DVD that's packed with almost three hours of instruction, Kate's encouraging attitude will guide you. So get fired up - soldering is now simple! Contents include: 1 The Basics: How Soldering Works, Fire Scale & Flux, Types of Solder, Flow Points and Grades, Steps for Soldering; 2: Setting Up a Work Space: Getting Organized, Improvise Your Space, Lighting & Magnification, Safety; 3: The Tools: Solder Setup. Bench and Hammering Tools, Cutting Tools, Pliers, Marking and Measuring Tools, Filing and Polishing Tools, Advanced Tools; 4:The Materials; Metals, Forms, Gauges & Uses of Metals, Stones, Beads; 5: Creating Your Sampler: Sampler Square 1: Connecting Metal Using Jump Rings, Sampler Square 2: Texturing, Sampler Square 3: Piercing and Sawing Lines in Metal; Sampler Square 4: Riveting, Sampler Square 5: Work Hardening, Annealing & Cleaning Fire Scale, Sampler Square 6: Flowing Paste Solder, Sampler Square 7: Flowing Wire Solder, Sampler Square 8: Flowing Sheet Solder, Sampler Square 9 One-Step Soldering, Sampler Square 10: Sawing & Soldering a Cut Shape, Sampler Square 11: Two-Step Soldering, Sampler Square 12: Embellishing: Spiral, Dots & Granules, Sampler Square 13: Forming Balls, Sampler Square 14: Shaping and Soldering Domes, Sampler Square 15: Making a Bezel & Setting a Stone, Sampler Square 16: Making Two Small Bezels & Setting Stones; The Projects: Hook + Eye Clasp & Dapped Bead Caps, Stacked Rings, Simple Chain Earrings, Soldered Beads, Pearl Chain Earrings, Pearl Dangle Pendant, Pearl + Silver 5-Stack Rings, Pearl Dangle Earrings, Soldered Key Pendant, Tube-Riveted Pendants, Twinning Vine Ring, Copper Tube Bead, Ruby Tag Pendant, Midcentury Modern Ring, Monogram Chain Bracelet, Wrapped Toggle Clasp, Flower Ring, Dangly Toggle, Mirror Pendant, Pearl Tablet Clasp. Appendices include: Acknowledgements, Templates, Techniques, Resources and Index.

Simple Soldering

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