Cabochon cutting and setting made easy! Whether opal, agate, chrysoprase or tiger-eye, Opal & Gemstone Jewelry provides step-by-step instructions - taking you from rough to finished jewelry. Follow Paul step-by-step as he cuts and sets each gemstone: � Cut your first gemstone � Properly dome a cabochon � Deal with imperfections � Advance to cutting opals � Make doublets and triplets � Design and assemble intarsia � Create lost wax jewelry designs � Set the stones you have cut Author Paul Downing is best known as an opal cutter and author of Opal Cutting Made Easy and Opal Advanced Cutting and Setting . However, over his 40 years plus in the lapidary field he has cut many other gemstones. Praised for his simple, easy to understand approach to teaching, he now applies these techniques to all gemstones. Don't worry... opal has not been neglected. Two sections are dedicated to Paul's favorite stone! Loaded with insider tips and techniques used by Paul in his cutting and designs. You won't be disappointed! Section One: Cutting a Cabochon contents include: 1: Introduction - The Basics of Cabochon Cutting; 2: Equipment; 3: Cabbing Your First Gem; 4: Cutting Freeform Cabs; 5: Several Cab Cutting Projects Section Two: Cutting Opal contents include: 6: Cutting Your First Opal; 7: Orienting the Color; 8: To Dome or Not to Dome; 9 Sawing Opal; 10: Cutting Standard Sized Opals; 11: Cutting Doublets and Triplets; 12: Rough Opal Sources; 13: Hot to Buy Rough Opal; 14: The Care and Feeding of Opal Section Three: Advanced Opal Cutting Techniques contents include: 15: Loving a Gem's Unique Character; 16: Cutting Black Opal; 17; Cutting Boulder Opal; 18: Cutting Mexican Opal; 19: Finding the Beauty in Challenging Opals; 20: Finding Imperfections; 21 Advanced Opal Cutting Hints; 22: Treating Cracks and Stabilizing Matrix Section Four: Advanced Gemstone Cutting Techniques contents include: 23: Intarsia; 24: Using Chips Section Five: Setting Your Gems contents include: 25: The Basics of Proper Setting; 26: Lost Wax Design; 27: Preparing a Basic Setting; 28: Setting Other Cabochons; 29: Dribble Design Technique; 30: Design to Complement Your Gemstone; 31: Design Projects; 32: More Design Projects; 33: Design Tricks; 34: Sources of Design Ideas; 35: Setting Your Gemstone in Your Design; 36: The Best is Yet to Come Appendices provide a Source Directory, Opal & Traditional Birthstones Chart and Index.

Opal and gemstone Jewelery

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