What part has North America played in the history of life? How did our continent come to be, and how has it changed over time? What was it like during past ages? What were the climate and geography like, and what plants and animals lived here? And where are there public preserves where you can view the fossils in place? North America Through Time is an exciting journey through the history of life and the part our favorite continent has played in it all. Not a dry textbook, it is written for the general reader with a strong interest in science but no professional background. Abundantly illustrated, it will grasp your attention and entertain your imagination until the very last page, winding up with a discussion of what lessons we can learn from North America's past that apply to our future. � Eighteen chapters, beginning with the Precambrian, and covering each Period of the Paleozoic and Mesozoic Eras, and each Epoch of the Cenozoic. � Twenty-five stunning paleoenvironmental reconstructions, all in full color � Over 200 color photographs of fossils � Covers North America from the Atlantic to the Pacific, and from the Panama Canal to the Arctic Ocean Chapters include: The First Four Billion Years - Precambrian Time; The Paleozoic Era: The Cambrian, The Ordovician, The Silurian, The Devonian, The Mississippian, The Pennsylvanian, The Permian; The Mesozoic Era: The Triassic, The Jurassic, The Cretaceous; The Cenozoic Era - The Tertiary Period: The Paleocene, The Eocene, The Oligocene, The Miocene, The Pliocene; The Quaternary Period: The Pleistocene, The Holocene. Appendices include a Glossary, How the scenes were done, Sources, and an Index. North America Through Time is sure to be appreciated by anyone interested in paleontology, fossils, natural history and the story of how life on Earth has arisen, evolved and extincted across the eras, periods and epochs of deep time.

North America Through Time

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