A gold pan, a couple of screens, a small shovel, rock hammer, hand lens, and sample bags are the essential tools for prospecting. However, to have a better chance of discovering a deposit, a prospector must also recognize the signposts of a favorable area, do the land status research, and follow through with valid claim staking, soil and rock sampling, and assaying. This systematic approach to mineral exploration is used by successful prospectors and mining companies today. Whether looking for gold, platinum, diamonds or any other mineral, anyone equipped with those basic skills greatly increases their ability to discover new bonanzas. In Modern Prospecting, an experienced prospector passes on information acquired through 20 years of classroom study, field work in the western states and Alaska, and trial and error. Chapters include descriptions of the major types of deposits; interviews with profession geologists; how to obtain an assay; use geochemical and geophysical methods; and stake a proper claim. Chapters include: 1 How I Became a Prospector; 2 Deposits: How Did They Get There?; 3 Discovery Stories; 4 Staking Your Claim; 5 Fort Knox: The One That Got Away; 6 Beyond Gold in the Gold Pan: Saving the Semi-Heavies; 7 Before the Klondike: Circle Alaska; 8 The Search for Diamonds; 9 Nevada Monsters: Carlin's Microscopic Gold; 10 The Old and The New USGS; 11 Researching a Prospect, 12 The Lure of Lost Mines, 13 Fieldwork and Equipment; 14 Modern Assaying; 15 Geochemical Prospecting; 16 Rock and Mineral Alteration; 17 Yellowstone's Geysers and Hot Springs: Near-Surface Mineral Deposits; 18 Skarn: Where the Magma Hits the Marble; 19 Mineral Fashions; 20 Black Hills Pegmatites; 21 The Dark Rocks and Platinum Metals; 22 Geophysical Prospecting; 23 Uranium: A Second Look; 24 Developing a Prospect; 25 Interior Alaska's Gold Rush: A Quiet Frenzy With its handy glossary and helpful information on government agencies, websites and other contacts for assays, suppliers, and geological bulletins, Modern Prospecting is the foremost how-to-do-it-right guide to prospecting in the twenty-first century.

Modern Prospecting

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