Identify more than 500 minerals quickly and easily. Brilliant color photographs and an exceptional rapid-identification system make Minerals of the World an invaluable guide. Acclaimed geologist Walter (Gemstones of the World) Schumann has put together the perfect field and reference guide for making fast, accurate classifications. Using Schumann's unique system, you can quickly pinpoint the identity of hundreds of minerals. It's based on three properties: the streak (also called powder coor), Mohs' hardness (the resistance of the mineral when scratched with a sharp-edge testing device), and gravity (a weight comparison). The bar along the left margin of the page, which is color coded, will help you to rapidly determine a sample's identity. You'll also find the properties presented in complementary up-to-date text entries that include other important information such as characteristics and localities. Accompanying each entry is a drawing of the mineral's form and a color photo of a raw mineral sample that could typically be found or bought. Essential new topics covered in this edition's introductory section are the angle measurements of crystals; adularescence; tenacity and toughness; and refraction of light and double refraction. Crystal lattice illustrations have also been added and the relative radioactive strength and weakness of minerals have increased coverage throughout the book. Students, collectors, experts, and admirers of minerals alike will find Schumann's invaluable handbook both informative and fascinating.

Minerals of the World Schumann

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