Meteorites are by definition extraterrestrial objects that have landed on Earth. About 100,000 tons of those objects fall to Earth every year, but 90% of them weigh less than one gram. In Meteorites you will learn about these objects and their significance as memory of the formation and earliest history of our solar system, and explore why meteor impacts are the most important geological phenomenon in our solar system. Explained are the correlation of meteorite impacts with five major extinction events on Earth - the dinosaurs are not the only ones to have disappeared after the fall of an enormous meteorite. You will learn how the water on Earth was brought here by meteorites, and how the building blocks of life were most likely brought here by carbonaceous meteorites. In Meteorites you will learn to recognize meteorites and how to tell them apart from terrestrial rocks. You will learn where they come from, how old they are, and where to go hunt for them. You will be introduced to some of the most famous and well-known meteorites. Only 20 years ago, few people thought it was possible to own rocks from space, and fewer believed that you would be able to touch, or even own, a piece of the Moon or Mars. Contents include: A Few Definitions, Historical Background, Meteorite Characteristics, Hunting for Meteorites, Origin: Accretion and Impacts, Extraterrestrial Origin of Meteorites, Classification, Which Meteorites Come from Which Asteroids?, The Exploration of Space, Meteor-Wrongs, The Age of Meteorites, Impacts: Effects and Consequences, A Few Meteorites to Dream About, News-Worthy Meteorites, The End of Dinosaurs, and References and Further Reading.

Meteroites Carion

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