Over 500 color photographs lavishly illustrate the engaging text of Meteorites, providing insight into those interesting collectibles from "out of this world". Meteorites link back to the early stages of the Milky Way galaxy and are the oldest items one can touch, some dating back to before the formation of our solar system. Meteorites are also among the most primitive forms of matter you can closely observe and handle. Some of these ambassadors from the void were created in stars that no longer exist. Others provide the curious researcher with original material from the earliest days of our own solar system. To those who know how to read them, these rocks tell tales of nebulas, novas, supernovas, red giants, and impacting celestial bodies. In Meteorites, readers can explore metallic, stony-iron, and stony meteorites, meteorite falls, Northwest Africa meteorites, and rare meteorites. Contents include: Chapter 1: A First Order Look at the Only Collectible from "Other Worlds", Chapter 2: Metallic Meteorites, Chapter 3: Stony-Iron Meteorites, Chapter 4: Stony Meteorites - Finds, Chapter 5: Falls, Chapter 6: Northwest Africa (NWA) Meteorites, Chapter 7: Rare (and not so rare) Terrestrial Minerals and Meteorites, Chapter 8: Meteoritical Odds and Ends. Appendices include references for further reading and a glossary.

Meteorites Stinchcomb

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