Meteorite Hunting is the definitive guide to finding meteorites, written by one of the best-known personalities in the field, and host of the award-winning hit television series Meteorite Men. Meteorite Hunting includes information on how to locate, excavate, and identify rocks from space, and is filled with photographs and inside information from an internationally recognized meteorite specialist. Chapters include: 1 What are meteorites and where do they come from, 2 How to identify meteorites in the laboratory and in the field, 3 How much are meteorites worth?, 4 Meteorwrongs, hot rocks, and how they can help you become a better hunter, 5 Meteorite falls verses meteorite finds, 6 Understanding strewnfields, 7 Meteorite craters and impact pits, 8 The importance of research, 9 Ownership, landowners and permission to hunt, 10 Hunting Strategies: Historic meteorites and known strewn fields, 11 Hunting Strategies: Fireball chasing, 12 Hunting Strategies: Cold finds, hot desert hunting, and dry lake beds, 13 Tools of the Trade, 14 Excavating meteorites and documenting finds, 15 After the find: Naming and classification, 16 In the field: Fun and safety. This best-selling book is highly recommended to anyone interested in finding and field collecting meteorites.

Meteorite Hunting

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