Metal Detecting for the Beginner, 2nd Edition informs and motivates you to choose the right detector for getting started in the fun hobby of metal detecting. This book explains all the crucial concepts needed for making informed decisions, such as discrimination and notch filtering, target identification, sensitivity, search depth, ground balance, operating frequency, and more. Learn how metal detectors work, how they are used, and about the different technologies employed in various types of detectors and their suitability to your own intended uses and applications. Contents include: 1. Introduction; 2. What a Typical Hunt Feels Like; 3. How to Select a Metal Detector; 4. Choosing a Place to Hunt; 5. Who Else Can Help You; 6. How to Improve Your Technique; 7. Science and Your Hobby; 8. Your Treasures and Caring For Them; 9. Prospecting; 10. Becoming a Journeyman, 11 Metal Detecting Resources; Appendix A: How a Detector Works; Appendix B: Manufacurers and Suppliers. Before you invest in a metal detector, read this book.

Metal Detecting for Beginners

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