Learn to create fabulous jewelry! Eyecatching designs, whether traditional or contemporary, provide jewelry with real beauty and lasting value. Elizabeth Oliver shows you how to create such works of art, beginning with simple projects that focus on the basics of jewelry making. Large color photos and fully illustrated step-by-step instructions make every step a snap. You'll learn how to choose the tools, equipment and materials that are right for you, how to weigh, measure and cut various metals and stones, and how to assemble, decorate and put a professional finish on every completed piece. You'll then advance through Jewelry Making Techniques Book to more challenging techniques and complex designs, mastering over 50 jewelry making techniques in all from piercing and drilling to stone-setting and enameling. This book includes all the guidelines and advice you'll need to enjoy jewelry making for years to come. Topics include: Introduction, Basic Hand Tools, Forming and Soldering Equipment, Furnishing a Basic Studio, General Studio Accessories, Specialist Equipment, Materials and Measurements and Weights. Jewelry making techniques presented include: Piercing, Fretwork, Filing, Drilling, Annealing and Pickling, Doming, Swagging and Drawing Wire, Roll Milling Sheet and Wire, Forming Jump Rings, Forming Ear Hooks and Hoops, Forming a Ring Shank, Forming Bangles, Forging and Raising, Fold Forming, Chasing and Repouss�, Pressing, Blanking, Soldering, Soldering a Hollow Form, Bezel Stone Setting, Claw Stone Setting, Grain and Pav� Setting, Carving Wax for Lost Wax Casting, Cleaning Up Castings, Making a Master for Casting, Sprues and Molds, Sanding and Cleaning Up, Polishing, Metal Leaf, Patination: Oxidizing and Verdigris, Granulation, Reticulation, Mill Pressing, Texturing and Stamping, Etching, Engraving, Riveting, Stringing and Knotting, Wire Knitting and more. An index, glossary and list of suppliers are included.

Jewelry Making Techniques

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