In order to teach jewelry making effectively, teacher and author Ed Soukup developed a system that is both simple and economical - the scroll wire method. With a minimum of low cost tools and some wire it is possible to create designs that, although simple are beautiful. It's all presented in Jewelry Making For Beginners. In addition to the wire and a few tools, all you need is a little time and patience. With these ingredients you can soon be turning out mountings with that professional look. In a jewelry store you would pay a pretty penny for these same designs. Once you've mastered the technique, the possibilities are practically unlimited. Chapters include (1) Start With A Circle, (2) Forming Scrolls, (3) Scroll Wire Designs, (4) U-Shaped Scrolls, (5) Soldering Jewelry, (6) Making a Bezel Setting, (7) More Silver Designs, (8) Twisted Wire Designs, (9) Cleopatra's Love Beads, and (10) Indian Style Jewelry. So, have fun. When you've learned the scroll wire method described in Jewelry Making For Beginners, you'll likely find yourself very popular, especially at Christmas, birthdays and other occasions where a gift of personally designed jewelry will be treasured.

Jewelery Making for Beginners

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