Making one's own jewelry can be a fascinating, rewarding hobby. There are jewelry makers and designers who start from scratch, forming and soldering various materials into exquisite pieces into which they set colorful gemstones. Some make molds and cast their jewelry. But what about the person who does not want to purchase a lot of equipment and get into the more technical aspects of the hobby? If you are in the latter group do not despair! For you there is a craft which is fun, easy, clean and low cost - jewelry assembly. Jewelry Craft Made Easy shows you how to make beautiful, personalized gifts using a few inexpensive hand tools, adhesives, some of the great variety of jewelry parts and findings available to craftspeople, and some gemstomes. This book is organized into sixteen parts including: 1 Introduction, 2 Gemstones, 3 Gemstones, 4 Gem Materials, 5 Mountings and Findings, 6 Findings, 7 Let's Make Some Jewelry, 8 Baroque Jewelry, 9 Baroque Jewelry, 10 Baroque Jewelry, 11 Rhinestone Jewelry, 12 Mounting Gemstones, 13 Mounting Gemstones, 14 Mounting Gemstones, 15 Mounting Gemstones, and 16 Mounting Gemstones. Also included is a list of supplementary source and jewelry making books.

Jewelery Craft Made Easy

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