This best-selling favorite combines former editions Volumes I and II (now out of print) into a full-color presentation of traditional silversmithing techniques in the Navajo, Hopi and Zuni styles. The lavish project and how-to pictures in Indian Jewelry Making illustrate step-by-step details for smithing hundreds of variations on buttons, chains, beads, rings, bracelets, conchas, earrings, hatbands, watchbands, necklaces, boxes, hair ornaments, bola ties, collar corners, pins, pendants, bow guards, canteens, headstalls, tweezers, miniature silver pottery, thimbles, whistles, lighter cases, bells, pistol grips, buckles, kachina figures, goblets and more! Tool use and smithing techniques including sawing, drawing, rolling, forming, filing, stamping, dapping, soldering, pickling, casting, overlay, polishing and more are all presented in easy to understand pictures illustrating these fundamental processes and techniques. Stone mounting procedures covered include step-by-step for fabricating bezel mounts, petit point and various styles of inlay work. Silver chain and bead making techniques are included. Several traditional silver casting techniques are illustrated including cuttlebone casting, sand casting, and tufa stone casting, with many pieces cast using these methods shown. Even plans for a do-it-yourself jewelers workbench are included along with many helpful tips and ideas for setting up your own shop or workspace for doing jewelry making. Even old hands at smithing with appreciate Indian Jewelry Making for the wealth of general design ideas provided as well as some of the more unusual and unique projects and artifacts presented. This book belongs in the personal library of any jewelry maker and is highly recommended for anyone interested in how traditional Southwest Indian jewelry is made or in learning more about silversmithing techniques in general.

Indian Jewelery Making.

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