How You Can Cut and Polish Gems Into Valuable Jewels is a new style of book beginning with sections about locating and collecting, but is written primarily to serve as a source and valuable guide to the basic steps in the lapidary processes of sawing, grinding, sanding and polishing. Included are choices for the selection of discs, pads, wheels and polishing compounds for over 80 gem materials. The author's many years of hands on experience in gem cutting, designing, developing, demonstrating and marketing gem cutting equipment have resulted in this information guide book about "How You Can Cut and Polish Gems Into Valuable Jewels", from start to finish. Over 125 graphic illustrations and photos about cabochons, carving, faceting, cabinet specimens plus jewelers guide charts, for the beginner and the professional as well, revealing secrets of the pros. Topics covered under the Locating - Collecting section include: Getting Started - Locating & Collecting, Close to Home - Streams, Rivers - Natural Lakes, Geologic Timeline - Deserts Sands, Oceans - Costal Areas, and Gems of the Desert - On Location Mountains - Gems. Topics covered under the Preparation section include: Selecting, Sawing and Slabbing. Topics covered under the Cabochons section include: Templates - Shaping - The Girdle, Dopping - Pre-Shaping - Grinding - Sanding, Polishing - Pads - Wheels, and Almost Polished - Recap. Topics covered under the Carving - Specimens section include Carving Basics - Cabinet - Display Specimens. Topics covered under the Faceting section include: Faceting - Light - Angles - Proportions, Orientation - Gem shapes - Standard Brilliant, Machine Types - The Basic Steps, Dopping - Preshaping - Heads - Angles - Laps, and Tips, Pavilion, Transfer - Crown - Laps - Polish.

How you can Cut and Polish Gems,

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