In just about every home there is at least one favorite piece of jewelry that can't be worn because it has a broken part. The catch for a pin may be snapped off, or a link in a chain has separated. Instead of being banished to a bureau drawer, these jewelry pieces can often be restored and enjoyed again. If you are already enjoying the craft of jewelry making, you are in a position to learn repair work. There are some special techniques (soldering, for instance) involved in repairing, which are covered in detail in this book. By following these techniques, you will be able to restore broken chains, replace missing parts, and perform many other repair jobs. Once again, you, your family and friends can enjoy those jewelry items that have special meaning. And if you want some extra income, jewelry repair can be quite lucrative. Contents of How To Repair Jewelry include: 1 Getting Started: Materials, Notes on Supplies, Accessories and Their Uses, Anti-Oxidizer, Flux, Pickling Solution, Oxidizing Compounds, Cleaning Solution, Rouges and Buffs, Testing Precious Metals, Tools Required for Jewelry Repair, Tools, Accessories and Supplies, Special Tools, How to Form Beads, and Adding a Gemstone to a Flat Mounting; 2 Ring Sizing; 3 Chains and Jump Rings; 4 Pins and Brooches; 5 Stone Settings; 6 Indian Jewelry; 7 Bracelets Indian and Other; and Remodeling Jewelry.

How to Repair Jewelery

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