Have you been wanting to get into the fascinating craft of jewelry making, but felt it was too complicated? Many craftsmen enjoy creating with metal sheet, wire and solder; or working with casting equipment. However there are those who would prefer a simpler approach requiring a minimum of equipment, tools, and supplies. If you are one of the latter, working with square, gold-filled wire may be the answer. Many intricate designs are possible, but with How To Make Wire Jewelry the technique is easily learned. Better yet, only a small assortment of simple, inexpensive tools is required. You can actually do this work in the living room while watching television! Making jewelry with square wire is a relaxing, absorbing pastime that anyone can enjoy. Follow it as a hobby, make gifts or even go into a part-time business. You'll find that the possibilities are practically unlimited. Contents include: Getting Started; Let's Make a Pin; Pendants, Chains and Necklaces; Rings; Bracelets, Earrings and "Recipes".

How to Make Easy Wire Jewelery

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