How To Cut A Diamond presents the fundamental basis for becoming a diamond cutter and a thorough exposition of the art of diamond cutting. It is strongly suggested before investing in machinery, equipment, tools or diamonds that the aspiring diamond cutter peruse this text thoroughly. An avid reader who makes a study of this text, and who is determined to become a diamond cutter, can acquire the necessary insight into the crystallography of diamonds and the highly specialized tools and techniques involved in cutting them. This text may also serve to profitably convince some colored stone faceters who are interested in cutting diamonds, but who are still unfamiliar with the complexities involved in the art of diamond cutting, that cutting diamonds may or may not be suitable for them as a hobby or vocation. The text is organized into 12 chapters: I Tools and Equipment, II The Wheel - Its Preparation, Care and Use, III Cleaving and Sawing, IV Girdling or Shaping, V Proportion in the Diamond, VI Proportion Continued - Blocking Bottoms and Bolas, VII Grain in the Diamond - blocking The Four and Two Points, VIII Cutting a Three Point - Blocking and Brillianteering, IX Brillianteering of a Four and Two Point Diamond, X Cutting the Fancy Shapes - The Straight Edged and Free Form, XI Cutting the Ellipticals, and XII Brillianteering the Ellipticals.

How to Cut a Diamond

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