Very popular for decorator art are creations fashioned with horseshoe nails. Look in just about any boutique shop or gift catalog and you'll see these interesting little conversation pieces. And, you'll find that many of them command a fair price. Yet, for a small investment in tools and supplies, you can fashion horseshoe nail jewelry, picture frames, napkin holders, display stands and charming sculptures. Following the author's simple instructions and step-by-step illustrations will enable just about anyone to get into this fascinating craft. Your creations will be treasured gifts or easily-sold product for a profitable part-time business. Most important, horseshoe nail craft is a pastime that will give you many hours of relaxation and fun. Much of it can be done while watching television or sitting on the porch. It's a nostalgic link with days gone by when little boys used to beg nails from the local blacksmith to make rings that were worn with pride. With horseshoe nail craft, you can be very old fashioned or very mod. Once you try it, we think you'll be hooked.

How to create with Horseshoe Nails.

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