While the prospecting greenhorns will find elementary advice easy to get, and the principles quite simple to master, there is a great gap in the literature of amateur prospecting. There are many short articles and small pamphlets that briefly introduce the subject of prospecting, but these stop just where they should begin. On the other end of the scale, there are excellent engineering books which describe in highly technical terms the principles of professional mining a prospecting. Gold Prospectors Handbook is written to fill that void. To show the beginner how to get started and progress to the point where he can become an advanced, proficient amateur at prospecting and small mining operations. To teach him how to bring home the bacon - or gold, mercury, silver, or whatever else it is he seeks. Chapters include: What Is Gold?; Is There Any Gold Left?; Elementary Geology; Elementary Mineralogy; Geological Agents; Stream Geology; Introduction To Placers; Stream Placer Prospecting; An Introduction to Dredging; Setting Up And Testing Your Dredge; The Initial Launch; Dredging Principles; Principles Of Lode Prospecting; Sampling Theory; Other Valuable Minerals; Tools Of The Prospector; Final Concentration Methods and a glossary.

Gold Prospectors Handbook

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