Looking for and finding gold is not an easy, comfortable, homey type of recreation. It is hard work, but it will get you outdoors and reward you with invigorating, adventure filled outings and escapades. It will stir and awaken the dormant pioneer blood that is inherent in most of us. Readers of Gold Fever - The art of Panning and Sluicing will soon be climbing over rocks and boulders that previously loomed as huge obstacles to find the secret hiding places wherever the river has left her clues. Chapters include: How It Started; The Charisma Of Gold; The Distinctive Behavior of Gold; Reading & Working The River - Mossing And Crevicing; What You Need To Begin; Panning For Beginners; Mini-Portable Sluice Box; Using Your Sluice; Separating Gold From Sand; Making Gold Jewelry; Gold Panners Mining Terms; Where To Find It: California, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Nevada, Utah, Montana, Wyoming, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico.

Gold Fever

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