Gem Tumbling and Baroque Jewelry Making is an excellent primer and guide for the rockhound who plans to tumble-polish their own stones. Features step-by-step practical and includes instructions on building your own tumbler. The book is organized into two major sections, Tumbling - Part One and Baroque Jewelry Making - Part 2. Topics covered in the Tumbling section include: General Instructions, Coarse Grind, Flat Sided Stones, Grinding Time, Intermittent Operation, Find Grind, Polish Operation, Little Tumblers, Vibrating Tumblers, Gas Pressure, Grits for Tumbling, Preforms, Montana Agate, Hard Plume, Jasper, etc., Common Opal - Moonstone - Zeolites, Tiger Eye, Quartz - Amethyst - Tourmaline - Aquamarine - Citrine, Agatized and Opalized Wood, Thunder Eggs and Geodes, Beach Agates and Water Worn Material, Junkite, Obsidian and Apache Tears, North Idaho Garnets, How to Build a Tumbler, Tumbler Speed, Size and Design, How to Figure Pulley Size, Tin Cans and Glass Jars, Fillers and Linings, Breaking and Cleaving, Storing Grinding Compounds and Polish, Storage of Agates, Waste Disposal, Hardness of Stones, Table of Speeds and Grit Quantities and Conclusion. Topics covered in the Baroque Jewelry Making Section include: Introduction, Selecting Stones, Slicing Baroques, Epoxy - The Miracle Adhesive, Other Adhesives, Caps, Upeyes and Rings, Other Uses of Epoxy, Baroque Bracelets, Keyrings, etc., Sliced Baroques and Miscellaneous, Agates Are Forever and Helpful Hints for Shop. Gem Tumbling and Baroque Jewelry Making is concise and well illustrated with numerous photographs and drawings. The gemstone tumbling techniques presented are tried and proven and have withstood the test of time. This highly recommended book presents a great deal of valuable how-to information for a very modest price and belongs in the library of every lapidary hobbyist.

Gem Tumbling and Baroque Jewelry Making

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