Fundamental Faceting is published by the Graves Company as a faceting primer and manual for the Graves faceting machines. While the illustrations employ Graves machines, there is also a good deal of general how-to information for any new faceter in this booklet. Section I Introduction covers History and Terms. Section II Gems covers Selection of Faceting Rough and Type Of Cuts. Section III Machine Description covers General, Faceting Head and Machine Description. Section IV Faceting Procedures covers Faceting Sequence, Types Of Laps, Dopping, Preforming, Preforming Procedure, Cutting The Girdle and Pavilion Facets, Transferring, Cutting The Crown, Cutting The Table, Polishing and Faceting Tips. Section V Light covers Refraction, Reflection, Critical Angle and Dispersion. Section VI Diagrams and Tables covers Angles In Faceting, Gem Material Data, Diamond Polishing, Round Brilliant Cut With Faceted Girdle, Square Step Cut, and The Emerald Cut. Section VII Equipment Maintenance covers Metal Bonded Laps and Machine. An index and addendum of additional reading is included.

Fundamental Faceting

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