Falling Stars presents a straightforward and practical guide to all aspects of meteors and meteorites including meteor and meteorite origins, meteor watching, meteor showers, meteorite falls and finds, meteorite craters, meteorite classification, tektites, collecting and preserving meteorites, meteorite verification laboratories, meteorite organizations, meteorite museums, meteorite dealers and more. Written by an authority who has authored many scientific papers in the fields of astronomy and planetary science, Falling Stars provides a comprehensible introduction and primer for understanding, observing, collecting and appreciating meteors and meteorites. Chapters include: 1 Falling Stars!, 2 Meteor Watching, 3 Meteor Showers, 4 Meteorites, 5 Meteorite Classification, 6 Collecting Meteorites, 7 Meteorite Craters, 8 Tektites. Appendices include Bibliography, Organizations, Meteorites and Museums, Meteorite Dealers, Meteorite Verification Laboratories, and Sample Meteorites.

Falling Stars

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