Facet Design Antique Square Cushion provides an extensive treatment of the design and cutting of the antique cushion shaped faceted gemstone. Planviews are provided for 91 different antique cushion cuts by various designers. Detailed cutting instructions are presented for 20 complete antique cushion designs by the authors including Apex Crown, Step Apex, Split Side Cushion, Cullinan Variation 1, Cullinan Variation 2, Shallow Pavilion 1, Basic Barion Antique Cushion, Split Facet Barion, Barion Cushion (Large Stones), Large Checker, Small Checker, Step Star Crown, Highlight Barion, Simple Cushion, Shallow Pavilion II, Barion Cushion, Square Cushion Stacked Barion, Reverse Barion, Fan Step Barion, and Square Side Barion. Incorporated technical discussions include Brightness and Reflection Plots, Brightness Contour Plots, Brightness Contour Plot (Quartz), Brightness Contour Plot (Topaz), Brightness Contour Plot (Corundum), Brightness Contour Plot (Cubic Zirconia), MinMax Pavilion Angle, Apex Facet Dark Spot and Conclusion. A shape classification diagram is provided inside the front cover showing profiles and nomenclature for 46 different stone shapes and outlines.

Facet Design Volume 7

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