Facet Design Rounds Volume 5 provides an extensive treatment of the design and cutting of the round shaped faceted gemstone. Planviews are provided for 340 different round cuts by various designers. Detailed cutting instructions are presented for 12 complete round designs by the authors including SRB Unstacked Mains, SRB Stacked Mains, Six Main Hilite, Six Main Hilite Zircon, PR Seven Main Brilliant, PR Nine Main Brilliant, PR Eleven Main Brilliant, 6/12 Multifacet, Six Main Highlight, Wild Rose 96, Six Four Fan and Eight Main HiLite. Incorporated technical discussions include Table Size Definition, Girdle Thickness and Finish, Cutting Sequence, Designing for Brilliance and Apex Facets. A shape classification diagram is provided inside the front cover showing profiles and nomenclature for 46 different stone shapes and outlines.

Facet Design Volume 5

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