Facet Design Cut Corner Rectangle Emerald provides an extensive treatment of the design and cutting of the cut corner rectangle/emerald shaped faceted gemstone. Planviews are provided for 70 different cut corner rectangle/emerald cuts by various designers. Detailed cutting instructions are presented for 21 complete cut corner rectangle/emerald designs by the authors including Scissorem, ECED End 1.40-8-2, Scissor Z, ECED End 1.40-1-5, Ember, Recut-Em 6x8, Super Emerald, ECED End 1.40-2-1, ECED End 1.40-2-2, ECED End 1.40-3-1, ECED End 1.40-3-2, ECED End 1.40-4-1, ECED End 1.40-4-2, ECED End 1.40-5-1, ECED End 1.40-5-2, ECED End 1.40-6-1, ECED End 1.40-6-2, Golden Scissor, ECED End 140-9-2, Tourmaline Special and ECED End 1.40-7-2. Incorporated technical discussions include Cut Corner Rectangle, ECED End Emerald Outline, Ideal Step Cut, Step Cut Crowns (General), General Design Considerations, and Design of Typical Scissor Crowns. A shape classification diagram is provided inside the front cover showing profiles and nomenclature for 46 different stone shapes and outlines.

Facet Design Volume 4

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