Facet Design Heart and Pear Volume 3 provides an extensive treatment of the design and cutting of the pear and heart shaped faceted gemstone. Planviews are provided for 54 different pear and pendeloque cuts and 24 heart cuts by various designers. Detailed cutting instructions are presented for 18 complete pear and pendeloque designs and 11 heart designs by the authors including Superpear 64, Superpear 96, Lazy Pear 1, Lazy Pear 2, Lazy Pear 3 (Little Fatty), 8 Main Pear Meetpoint, Parabo Pear, Nine Main Pear Meetpoint, Seven main Pear Meetpoint, Commercial Pear, Oval End Pear, Lazy Pear 3 Recut Option, Lazy Pear 1 Recut Option, Lazy Pear 2 Recut Option, Pendeloque, Lazy Pendeloque, Three Arc Pear, Three Arc Pendeloque, 13 Main Heart, 10 Main Heart, Heart-In-A-Heart, Lazy Heart, Brilliant Heart 72, Brilliant Heart 64, Highlight Heart 64, Cam-Brill Heart 64, Cam-Hili Heart, Cam-Brill Heart 72 and Cam-Brill Heart 64. Incorporated technical discussions include Heart and Pear Nomenclature, Pear and Pendeloque Outline, Heart Outline, Relocating the Dop Center, Transfer Indexing, and Recut Option. A shape classification diagram is provided inside the front cover showing profiles and nomenclature for 46 different stone shapes and outlines.

Facet Design Volume 3

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