Facet Design Ovals Volume 1 provides an extensive treatment of the design and cutting of the oval shaped faceted gemstone. Planviews are provided for 89 different oval cuts by various designers. Detailed cutting instructions are presented for 17 complete oval designs by the authors including Double Fan and Bar, Eight Main Oval, Long Lazy Oval, Supernova SHM 6x9, Longer Lazy Oval, Roval A, Poval, Oval for GGG 6x8, Barion Oval, Lavo 6x8, Lavo 6x9, Commercial Oval, Ten Main Oval, Choval, Another Lazy, Checker Oval, and Longest Lazy Oval. Additionally, a mix and match section provides detailed cutting instructions for 9 alternate pavilions and 6 alternate crown designs at each of the L/W ratios 1.20, 1.25, 1.33, 1.40 and 1.50. Incorporated techincal discussions include Interpreting Faceting Diagrams, Definitions, General Formulas, Tangent Ratio Translation, The Oval, Approximate Oval, True Elliptical Oval, Eight Main Oval Brilliant, MHA and CAM Preforms, Meetpoint Faceting, and Faceting Machine Accuracy. A shape classification diagram is provided inside the front cover showing profiles and nomenclature for 46 different stone shapes and outlines.

Facet Design Volume 1

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