Facet Cutters Handbook is a faceting primer written for the primary purpose of helping the beginning faceter and those who still consider themselves in this class. Separate sections explain dopping, polishing, faceting angles, and index conversion. Detailed instructions and diagrams are provided for cutting the Standard Brilliant, French aka Calibre, Triangle Step, Double French aka Cardinal, Emerald, Six-Rayed Star, Pentagon, Cut-Corner Triangle, Step Cut, Cardinal Kite, Cut-Corner Kite, Keystone Step, Keystone Cardinal, Cut-Corner Keystone, Oblong Hexagon, Modified Square Brilliant, Don Diego, Step Cut round, Double Bar, Bar Cut Pendeloque, Hexagonal Brilliant, Opposed Bar, and Scintillator Brilliant. First published in 1962, Facet Cutters Handbook is an enduring classic which has weathered the test of time. Compact and concisely written, this primer provides a lot of faceting information and how-to for a modest cost.

Facet Cutting Handbook

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