Discover the story of the Earth's rocks and minerals - their creation, variety and uses. Be an eyewitness to the magnificent wealth of rocks and minerals hidden beneath our feet - how they are created and their many uses in everyday life. See how the first paints were made from crushed rocks. Find out about rocks from outer space. Discover what the Earth is made of and how its rocks were formed. Explore the included fold-out wall chart and clip-art CD. Contents include: The Earth; What are rocks and minerals?; How rocks are formed: Weathering and erosion; Rocks on the seashore; Igneous rocks; Volcanic rocks; Sedimentary rocks; Limestone caves; Metamorphic rocks; Marble; The first flint tools; Rocks as tools; Pigments; Building stones; The story of coral; Fossils; Rocks from space; Rock-forming minerals; Crystals; The growing crystal; The properties of minerals; Gemstones; Decorative stones; Lesser-known gems; Ore minerals and metals; Precious metals; Cutting and polishing stones; Collecting rocks and minerals; Did you know?; Rock or mineral? Find out more; Glossary; and Index.

Eyewitness Rocks and Minerals

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