Be an eyewitness to the stunning natural beauty of crystals of every size, shape, and color - and their remarkable uses in everything from surgeon's scalpels to silicon chips. See a crystal's hidden layers. Find out how to make stones sparkle. Discover where to find crystals in your home. Contents include: What is a crystal?; A world of crystals; Natural beauty; Crystals - outside and inside; The color of crystals; Identification; Natural growth; Good habits; Discovery - recovery; Growing from seed; Crystals at work; Good vibrations; Quartz; Diamond; Corundum; Beryl; Opal; Other gemstones; Collector's items; Stones for carving; Precious metals; Animal and vegetable; What is it worth?; Making them sparkle; Lore and legends; Crystals at home; Did you know"?; Identifying gemstones; Find out more; Glossary; and Index.

Eyewitness Crystal and Gem

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