Buying gems is a challenge, especially when they're unusual stones from far-away places. Topics in this guide include: � Gem Identification � Geographic Sources � Metaphysical Effects � Gem Cleaning and Care � Quality Evaluation � Antique Jewelry � Gem Treatments � Savvy Buying Exotic Gems Volume 2 will show you with close-up photos how to make visual judgements about clarity, transparency, color, cut quality and brilliance. You'll also get tips on gem care and on detecting imitations and gem treatments. Volume 2 is the second in a series of books exploring the history, lore, properties, qualities and geographic sources of lesser-known gems. If you're interested in alexandrite, cat's-eye chrysoberyl, fire opal, dinosaur gembone, tsavorite, demantoid, rhodolite or other members of the garnet family, Exotic Gems Volume 2 will provide you with the in-depth information you need to be a smart buyer.

Exotic Gems 2

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