Diagrams for Faceting Volume III is the third volume in the set of three collections of faceting diagrams published by Glenn and Martha Vargas. Included are diagrams from numerous designers that will cut at least 133 different gems. This book is divided into eleven sections with each section including diagrams that have a close relationship. These are Section I The Round Diagrams; Section II Ovals and Their Relatives; Section III Triangles; Section IV Squares, Rectangles, Etc.; Section V Pentagons; Section VI Hexagons; Section VII Heptagons; Section VIII Octagons; Section IX Nonagons; Section X Barions and Pseudobarions; and Section XI The Unusual Diagrams. The inclusion of seven-fold diagrams (heptagons) and nine-fold diagrams (nonagons) is new to the authors' books. These are easy to cut diagrams that produce spectacular gems. Most of the complex diagrams in the unusual section will produce excellent gems. Some do not cut what might normally be called excellent gems, but instead are gems that are interesting. As a whole, the more complex diagrams are challenges to suit the advanced faceter.

Diagrams for Faceting Volume 3

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