Diagrams for Faceting Volume II is the second volume in the set of three collections of faceting diagrams published by Glenn and Martha Vargas. Included are diagrams from numerous designers that will cut over 150 different gems. This book is divided into twelve sections with each section including diagrams that have a close relationship. These are Section I The Round Brilliants; Section II Ovals, Marquise, Cushions; Section III The Diamond Shapes; Section IV The Split Facet Technique; Section V The Pendeloques; Section VI Hearts; Section VII Triangles; Section VIII The Squares and Rectangles; Section IX The Pentagons and Stars; Section X The Hexagons; Section XI The Octagons; and Section XII Barions and Pseudobarions. Also included are Miscellaneous Diagrams from Ernst Wollert detailing square cushions and octagons.

Diagrams for Faceting Volume 2

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