Diagrams for Faceting Volume I is the first volume in the set of three collections of faceting diagrams published by Glenn and Martha Vargas. Included are 160 diagrams that will produce at least that many different gems. Nearly 20 of these have variations that will produce another gem. This book is divided into ten sections with each section including diagrams that have a close relationship. These are the step cuts, round brilliants, multifacet brilliants, mixed cuts and others. Within each section those that have further relationships are grouped together. In general, the book starts with the very simple, moves to the more complex and ends with a section devoted to unusual shapes for faceted gems. The greatest part of the book is devoted to the diagrams that are popular, or those that stand to become popular. Nearly all diagrams have some accompanying text that gives a bit of history, or some hints on cutting. Each section, and some of the more unusual diagrams are introduced by explanatory text. The diagrams include Section I The Very Simple; Section II The Round Brilliants; Section III Brilliants Without Pavillions; Section IV Brilliants Variations of a Circle; Section V Brilliants Other Than Round; Section VI Multifacet Brilliants; Section VII Step Cuts; Section VIII Variations on Geometric Forms; Section IX Mixed Cuts; and Section X The Unusual, The Domed Cuts, The Barion Cuts. Also provided are index transposition charts, a table of recommended culet and crown angles for nearly 200 facetable materials, and a glossary.

Diagrams for Faceting Volume 1

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