Descriptions of Gem Materials is a complete reference on natural and man-made gem materials for gem cutters, gemologists and all others with an interest in gemstones. It provides a basis for gem identification and prepares the cutter for what may be expected when cabbing, carving or faceting a particular material. It covers the physical and optical properties for 346 distinct natural minerals and 56 man-made gems, more than 550 gem materials in all. Included are complete sets of tables for hardness, specific gravity and refractive index and information on common inclusions for each mineral. A complete list of varietal, alternate and incorrect names is presented and the pronunciation and derivation of gem names is provided. Descriptions of Gem Materials is organized by eight major sections: Section 1 - Natural Gem Materials, Section 2 - Man-made Gem Materials, Section 3 - Table of Hardness, Section 4 - Table of Specific Gravity, Section 5 - Table of Refractive Index, Section 6 - Glossary of Important Geological Terms, Section 7 - Index of Alternate, Varietal and Incorrect Names, and Section 8 - Bibliography of Selected References.

Descriptions of Gems and Materials.

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