Humankind has been adorning itself with gems for thousands of years, and for all that time, inventive jewelers have been devising elegant ways to attach stones to gold and silver objects. Too often, instruction stops at the familiar solutions of traditional bezels and prongs. In this landmark book, John Cogswell explores the exciting terrain at the edges of convention. Creative Stonesetting suggests dozens of new ways to think about attaching stones. In a detailed text and through more than 600 drawings, the author describes concepts, tools, and techniques that will appeal to jewelers of every skill level and aesthetic. Special attention is given to tool modification and scores of bench-tested shortcuts that will have an instant benefit on the day-to-day work of a practicing goldsmith. In addition, dozens of inspirational works by professional artists will trigger new approaches to familiar problems. Reader beware: after reading this book, you will never look at a setting or a gem in the same way.

Creative Stonesettings

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